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*Dry and tangled wet hair is actually very natural

The hair shaft will open in an environment that is above PH6 (water PH7), so it is a natural phenomenon for it to become tangled and frizzy!

It is recommended not to comb or rub vigorously when the hair is wet to avoid damage to the hair and incomplete closure of the shaft.

Simply pat wet hair dry with a towel, and it will naturally become soft after drying.

The hair shaft is easily damaged when wet, so be sure to blow dry your hair after washing or completely air dry!

*When blow drying, blow down the hair as the hair shaft is opened downwards. This will help the hair shaft to close more smoothly and can also slow down the degradation of hair dye.

We recommend that you:

1. Use an acid rinse (apple cider vinegar or citric acid)

2. When there are bubbles, quickly use your fingers to comb them out first, then squeeze out the remaining bubbles and rinse with water

3. Use a natural hair conditioner such as jojoba oil