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* 檸檬酸潤絲

* 洗後塗抹植物油(荷荷芭油、椰子油、橄欖油、芝麻油等)

* 洗前塗抹植物油




Some people need it, some people don't!
Natural hair soaps do not remove the natural oils from the scalp and hair like shampoos, so no special moisturizing is required.
For users with longer hair, the sebum produced by the scalp may not smoothly glide to the ends of the hair, which may cause frizz.
At this time, the most natural way to care for the hair is to use an acid rinse and to apply a synthetic-free oil, such as pure jojoba, after blow-drying.
We strongly recommend that you refrain from using commercial hair conditioner in the initial stage of hair soap, as it may interfere with your ability to transition to hair soap.
Because these chemicals remain for a long time within the openings of the hair shaft, hindering the closure of the hair shaft, especially If your hair is already damaged (a lot of damage to she shaft prevents it from sealing), it may feel dry
Because you're gradually cleaning out the shaft that is clogged with shampoo additives, it might appear dry. You may have thought you didn't have damaged hair at first, but it was an illusion created by the silicons in your previous hair care routine.
You can mend the appearance of damaged hair by preventing protein loss and sealing moisture.
Apply pure oil of choice  to damaged areas before and after using your preferred hair soap (Please do not use commercially available chemical hair oils, they are not helpful for hair nourishment and will only hinder the closure of healthy hair cells)
If your hair is very damaged, the best course of action might be to cut off the damaged portions and begin your new routine with a fresh start.
Providing your hair with real nourishment will promote new healthy growth.
After the damaged hair is cut, your difficulty in using hair soap will likely be eliminated, and the amount of hair soap required will be reduced.
Here are a few all-natural conditioners and hair care methods:
* citric acid conditioner
Dilute 5g of citric acid into 500ml of water.
After washing your hair, massage the citric acid water into the hair from roots to ends, comb the knots with your fingers, and finally rinse with clean water.
* Apply oil (jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, etc.)
When hair is damp and nearly dry, apply oil, focusing on the ends of the hair and taking care to evenly distribute the oil.
When usisng 100% pure oil, be sure to pay attention to the amount and apply carefully or the hair will become overly saturated with oil.
* Apply oil before washing
Apply your preferred oil evenly to your hair (avoiding the scalp), then wash your hair and scalp with soap as normal.
Pure oil can achieve the effect of protecting hair!
-The acid rinse will supply an environment in which the PH is around 6. This will help to close the hair shaft. 
-The citric acid will bind the soap residue and reduce any remaining soap residue to fatty acids. In addition to removing the residue, it can also have a similar effect to moisturizing with oil.
-Be sure that  you are using the formula that is most compatible with your hair and scalp type! If you are using the wrong formula for you, the effect of the acid rinse and oil will be limited.